St. Elizabeths West Campus Redevelopment

The redevelopment of the St. Elizabeths West Campus includes numerous new buildings and significant renovations/modifications to the existing buildings on-site. GeoConcepts has served as the Geotechnical Engineer of Record to the General Services Administration (GSA) since 2007.

GeoConcepts’ role on the project is to provide comprehensive geotechnical engineering studies related to building development, site infrastructure, and hydrogeologic issues. The site is underlain by extremely complicated geologic conditions including unconsolidated existing fill, possible fly ash, upland terrace deposits, and Potomac Group soils. The Potomac Group soils are well-documented with issues related to slope instability and exceStssive shrink/swell characteristics.

GeoConcepts has completed over 15 projects at the historic campus including conducting a preliminary geotechnical study for the 70-acre campus master plan and a comprehensive hydrogeologic study that was used to design a variety of stormwater management Best Management Practices (BMPs).  GeoConcepts also prepared the 30 percent design documents for the 1 million SF United States Coast Guard Headquarters and Parking Garage so GSA could obtain design-build bids. Due to the potential for environmental contamination encountered during the field investigations, environmental protocols were implemented including developing a site specific health and safety plan.