Route 7-607 Interchange

Route 7/607 Interchange Project

The project consisted of construction of a grade separated Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) for the intersection of Route 7 and Route 607. The project included bridge construction, associated grading of approaches, utilities, stormwater management, and other associated improvements. The project also included 2,400 feet of alignment for Loudoun County Parkway and extensive utility relocations. The project was administered and completed as a Loudoun County project and VDOT procedures and requirements were utilized for all construction.

GeoConcepts’ role on the project was to provide construction phase observations and testing as part of the overall construction management services. Specifically, they provided proofrolling of fill subgrades, field density testing of compacted fill and backfill, verification of steel reinforcement, and concrete testing. For bridge slab concrete pours, GeoConcepts provided up to three full-time field technicians to provide in-situ testing of concrete slump and temperature, casting of concrete cylinders for compressive strength testing, and documenting concrete installation procedures. Since the site was an active highway, working conditions and site access was extremely limited, requiring traffic control and lane closure measures throughout the project.