North Bethesda Market

GeoConcepts provided geotechnical services during both the design and construction phases of North Bethesda Market, a 650,000 SF transit-oriented mixed-use development. The proposed construction included a 24-story residential building, a 6-story residential building, and a 2-story retail building, all over four levels of below grade parking with a fifth level of below grade parking on a portion the site.   The development was designed to meet LEED Silver criteria.

GeoConcepts completed a comprehensive geotechnical engineering investigation to evaluate subsurface conditions of the entire site. The design of below-grade structures was especially challenging due to petroleum contamination present as free product on top of the groundwater table. The geotechnical engineering report included an evaluation of subsurface conditions related to seismic site classification and recommendations regarding foundations, lower floor slabs, lateral earth pressures, subdrainage, loadbearing fills, rock excavation, and excavation support including temporary excavation slopes.

GeoConcepts also provided geotechnical and materials observation and testing services during construction. Because of the complex high rise construction, the project was completed in accordance with Montgomery County’s Special Inspection procedures. Also, due to the rate of progress of the contractor, GeoConcepts utilized up to three full-time quality control representatives.  GeoConcepts reported early breaks for the concrete testing of post-tensioned slabs by 8:00 AM daily to help the contractor meet the accelerated schedule.