I-64 Night Drilling

Interstate 64 Capacity Improvements – Segment I

GeoConcepts provided geotechnical engineering services for the I-64 Segment I design-build project which includes the widening and resurfacing of 5.6 miles of roadway and three bridges. The project spans a total of 11.2 miles westbound and eastbound which crosses through/over congested areas of the City, CSX rail tracks, and a reservoir. Improvements include the addition of one 12-foot wide travel lane and one 12-foot wide shoulder in each direction to widen the four-lane section to a six lanes. Additional improvements include: sound walls, five stormwater management (SWM) facilities, grass swales, one drainage pipe, one double box culvert, one triple box culvert, and one water quality vault.

Subsurface conditions were investigated by drilling 312 test borings and 34 infiltration test borings. Additional services included installing 7 temporary water observation wells, obtaining Undisturbed Shelby tubes and bulk samples, and in-situ testing. Recommendations were provided regarding corrosive potential of on-site soils, foundations for support of new/modified bridges, pavements, drainage pipe installations, sound barrier walls, earthwork, slope stability analyses, SWM by infiltration, and SWM facility construction.

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