Inova Loudoun Hospital

Inova Loudoun Hospital Additions and Renovations

GeoConcepts provided geotechnical engineering design services for various additions and renovations at the Inova Loudoun Hospital. The proposed construction includes a 7-story north tower, 5-story parking garage, south entrance canopy, kitchen material management addition, new roadways, reconfiguration of the existing parking lots, and a new surface parking lot. Additionally, stormwater management (SWM) facilities will be constructed as part of the proposed site development.

Subsurface conditions were investigated by drilling 70 soil test borings at the site. Additionally, laboratory testing was performed on existing fill and residual soils to determine shrink-swell and bearing characteristics. To address issues related to bedrock at the site, GeoConcepts staff performed seismic refraction to more accurately determine the depth to bedrock along proposed utility alignments.

The geotechnical report provided recommendations regarding foundations, floor slabs on grade, pavements, earthwork, and rock excavation.  Additionally, GeoConcepts staff were able to provide recommendations for a modified dry pond and evaluate the potential for a SWM vault to manage stormwater at the site.