Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia Research Campus

The project involved the development of a 280-acre high-tech biomedical research campus including approximately 760,000 SF of new labs, offices for principal investigators, an auditorium, an in-house hotel, underground parking, and research rooms. The centerpiece of the project is a 610,000 SF research building with a vivarium.  The facility embraced sustainable design principles such as the world’s first energy-efficient, custom-designed low energy LED streetlights and the second largest green roof in the country built at the time of construction.

GeoConcepts completed a preliminary geotechnical engineering design study for the site and later performed final geotechnical engineering studies for various facilities, stormwater management basin, the Riverside Parkway extension, and retaining walls.  Since the site was underlain by three separate geologies GeoConcepts mapped each of the geologies and developed separate field investigation methods for each portion.  In particular, special subsurface investigation procedures were required to address the problems associated with the Diabase Geology in accordance with Loudoun County requirements.

During the construction on the projects, GeoConcepts provided on-site materials testing services.  This includes the observation of the excavation support system and the suitability of shallow foundation subgrades.  The foundation system consisted of spread footings, but bearing capacities varied significantly depending on the type of bedrock encountered. Accordingly, GeoConcepts provided a staff geologist on site on a full time basis to document the suitability of footing subgrades for the various design bearing pressures.