Fairfax County Parkway Extension Phase III

The design-build project involved the construction of a 0.5 mile extension of the six-lane divided parkway, interchange improvements, a shared-use path, sound barriers, a bridge, and stormwater management facilities. The project was managed by the FHWA and completed in accordance with VDOT design-build guidelines. GeoConcepts provided geotechnical engineering design and construction materials testing services.

The field investigation included drilling 91 soil test borings and performing in-situ pressuremeter testing. Significant planning and coordination was required due to the complexities of the project including conducting a field investigation within the limits of a military installation, coordinating field investigation work with the contractor of the on-going Phase II construction, and developing a traffic control plan for approval by VDOT. Traffic control was required for a total of 15 days for this project.

During construction, GeoConcepts provided full time quality control testing services as a continuation of its professional services including providing a VDOT certified representative to conduct geotechnical and observation and materials testing services to ensure work was completed in accordance with project plans and specifications.